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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

I wrote about this movie in Upcoming movie in January 2011 last month. Now I am going to go into detail about this most anticipated movie, so bear with my rants a little while people! (Actually Nuffnang do a give away for this movie ticket).
If I were the Green Hornet, I will use my advantage which is in this case owning the vast media empire to fight crime regardless of how big or small the crime is. Big crime started from small crime so both shouldn't be taken lightly. But before that I already listed down a few things on how to materialize my plan.

1. I will fire Jay Chou and take another guy to be Kato, I know they want to maintain the I-Am-A-Hot-Nerd personae, but Jay Chou as a martial art experts??
2.I will use my media connection to re-plan the use of text book in school, my daughter just started school, and the amount of text book that she got is double her body weight.
3.I create new rules on media freedom, I know we love to speak our mind, but distasteful reviews cost more harm than good, some generate crimes by suggesting racial misunderstanding, jealousy and fights. So it is important for media to understand that there are certain things that shouldn't be viewed to public or maybe control it.
4.I give away free coupons to poor people. It does make a different. I build free diners for homeless people, beggars and poor folks too.
Lastly when all these things are materialize, then I will think on how to fight crimes.

pixie aka the Green Hornet 
p/s : can I change Green to Pink? Green is so not my color!