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Friday, January 22, 2010

I Dont Talk to Stranger

After a late night out yesterday, i woke up so late and rushed to the station. Not really "rushed out", its more like dragging my feet like a zombie. I am so sleepy, and my eyes is half open that i keep on dozing off while walking. it just my day that the train is not so packed. I get a seat then happily having a little sleep. why i called it Little sleep is because i have to make sure that i am aware of where i am, i had the experiences of missing my stop so many times that it haunting me to be alert. When i reach KL Central, i went up to the taxi stand, bought the coupon and stop the taxi to Sri Hartamas. Being sleepy head, the last thing that i need is engage in a conversation especially with a stranger. But the taxi driver, having a pretty passenger like me (totally..), just could not let me enjoy the motion lullaby and let me taking another little sleep. He keep on talking and talking and talking. And I, having a little patient in me, the next thing I know were shouting "Talk to the hand!". tsk tsk tsk thats why they say dont mess with the sleepy lioness.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I bring the sexy back

me and my strappy wedges

I love strap, regardless of what form it is, from heels to sandals to platforms and wedges. Make my legs look shag-able! You can see it everywhere. So today i'm gonna save my babbling by letting the picture do all the talking.