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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Careless Whisper (Poootttt)

what is this smell?!!!?

Train from KL Central to Subang Jaya this evening was really crowded, i was shoved inside by some mindless guy and we are so crammed i cant even move my nose! I find it so difficult to breathe because the girl in front of me standing so close and every time i inhaled, her hair drew in my mouth! As i trying hard to move my hand so i can take out all hairs in my mouth, suddenly the Big Hair Girl shouted, "what the f***!, who dare farting at this time?!!!? ", and the minute after, the smells start spreading. I am green! It smells like rotten eggs mixed with dead fish. And since I cant move my hand, now I have to inhaled the smells and the hair altogether! What a day...

Artist Among Us

Reached Subang Jaya Station sharp at 8 this morning, the train already there and surprisingly not crowded. As i tried to start on my new book (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray, I know, it took me ages to read it, too terrified of the fact that man and woman are coming from different planet..), I saw a girl holding out her whole make up case. She started lining up mascara, eye liner, eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick on her lap and picking it up one by one as she applied it on her face.I was flabbergasted. Not because she was doing it but because of how good she was at it. i know I will not be able to do it. My hand can't stay still and it make it hard to apply liner especially on a moving train that shakes more than Shakira's hip. (No, i don't have history of Parkinson disease). That shows women really an Art and Artist itself!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

how do i begin...

I am indulged in my Kathe Lette, Dead Sexy, while waiting for a train to KL Central to work this morning, when a couple beside me feast on each other's tongues. And I am disgustingly aroused. And the fact that John is not here, doesn't help me either. He is away in S.Africa for a family matter. It’s a joy for me to let my mind wander around my man on a boring routine that pass me every day. In fact a simple thing that resolves around me on my train ride each day, make me understand about life more than I can ever imagined.
The journey to work from house take an hour with two times changing trains, with first on KTM Commuter in Subang Jaya and then on Rapid KL LRT that will end in Wangsa Maju Station.
Malaysia train systems changing so much in time. We have several options now, KTM Commuter, Rapid KL Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line, Monorail that conquers the Golden Triangle, ERL for KLIA transit and few more to comes.
Rail transport in Malaysia comprises heavy rail, light rail transit (LRT), monorail and a funicular railway line. Heavy rail is mostly used for intercity passenger and freight transport as well as some urban public transport, while LRTs are used for urban public transport and some special use such as transporting passengers between airport buildings. Railways in Malaysia began because of the need to transport tin from mines in the hinterland of the West Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia to coastal ports. The first railway line, which was opened on 1 June 1885, was about 13km long and ran between Port Weld and Taiping, the heart of the tin-rich Larut Valley in Perak state. The second line was opened a year later to link Kuala Lumpur, again the centre of tin-mining activities in the Klang Valley, and Klang and subsequently to Port Swettenham (Port Klang today).
As far as I am happy to tell about the history of trains in Malaysia, but it is not why I'm writing here. You probably will be well informed about it on Wikipedia. It’s the simple things that pass us everyday that I'm concerned. How a simple things when well considered can change people's life, is what I am about to disclose.
Each day, I am there using these trains. You can see all kind of people there. My mom always said that your first instinct on people always right. Trust your guts. Being human, we always forget that what goes around always comes around. And our ignorance surprisingly without we realized, affect other's life.
Like every other day, the train always pack in the morning, and as it reached the station, door opened, people rushed into it. They don't care to give way to the passengers to disembark. It so sad sometimes watching this, considering some passengers being old, or pregnant or have small kids around. They struggle among people to make way out. How funny it is that all these things that we considered normal actually can be meaningful if we really look at it. How human is an eternal circle of life. How everything is interconnected. How small things create bigger things and become LIFE.
So, this is how I begin.