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Monday, January 24, 2011

Australia Junior Master Chef Rock!

I am officially in love with Starworld new program Australia Junior Master Chef! They are totally amazing! Just imagine children from age 8 - 12 years old cooking like hotel style. Some dishes that they cook is so sophisticated that I cant even pronounce let alone cook it.
Read here more on the program.

Some of the dishes are:
Herb Crusted Lamb Cutlet - by Pierre age 12

Garlic Prawns with Bread Crumbs - by Anthony age 10

Chocolate Fondant with Raspberry Coulis and Fresh Berries - by Nick age 10

Amazing isn't it?

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  1. Read -a blog that is contributed to the grand champion of Junior MasterChef, Isabella Bliss. Congrats and Take care.

    Read the tips and suggestions about cooking.