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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tribal Belly Dance Festival in Bangsar Today!

From:Sat Oct 9, 2010
To: Sat Oct 9, 2010
Time: 4pm - 7pm
Address:18, Jalan Liku, Bangsar
Advance Booking: No

Tribal Belly Dance Festival Malaysia 2010
This is the first tribal belly dance festival to be held in Malaysia, and it’s not just limited to the belly dance you see in restaurants. There’ll be Gothic, folkloric, tribal fusion and American tribal styles of belly dance. It’s a gathering of over 30 instructors, 100 performers and of course you, Joe public. If you can’t go somewhere without buying something, worry not, there will be stalls fringing the festival selling dancewear, ‘alternative lifestyle items’ (intriguing…) and even dispensing henna tattoos. 
Why should you go to this festival?
Festival organiser Aiza Abni Habban (and award-winning belly dancer) says, ‘You get to rub shoulders with all the pretty ladies, watch all the wonderful performances, be part of the tribe and most importantly, get to know us dancers! This is our life!’