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Friday, October 8, 2010

10 Movies That You Don't Know but Damn Good!

1. Amadeus (1984)
It tells the story of Mozart, "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" (Tom Hulce) and Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), two famous composers that live in Vienna, the City of Music. This movie was directed by Milos Forman and written by Peter Shaffer based on his stage's play by the same name.The film was nominated for 53 awards and received 40, including 8 Academy Awards (including Best Picture), 4 BAFTA awards, 4 Golden Globes, and a DGA Award.The movie starts by showing Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) as an old man trying to commit suicide.Antonio Salieri believes that Mozart's music is divine. He wishes he himself is as good as Mozart so that he can praise the Lord through composing. But he can't understand why God favored Mozart, such a vulgar creature to his eyes, to be His instrument. Salieri's jealousy has made him an enemy of God whose greatness shown in Mozart. He is set to take revenge..

2. Les Choristes (2004)
Fond de l'Etang is a boarding school for troubled boys located in French countryside during mid 20th century, run by M. Rachin, an egotistical disciplinarian principle whose official unofficial mantra for the school is "action-reaction", meaning that there will be a severe consequences for any boy who dares to cross the line. This approach however doesn't seem to be working out as the boys are after all a group of unruly bunch and have to be treated in a different approach depends on the character. Because of the "action-reaction" rules, the teachers turn out to be focusing on watching out for the next subversive act from the boys rather than teaching them. January 15, 1949 marks the arrival of the new supervisor, M. Clément Mathieu, a middle-aged man who is trying to find his place in life after a series of failed endeavors. Although he does find the boys an unruly lot, Mathieu does not believe in the "action-reaction" policy, and as such, butts heads with Rachin while secretly undermining the policy...

3. Like Water For Chocolate (1992)
This movie is about how life used to be in Mexico. It is a love story between Pedro and Tita, and why they coudn't get married because Tita's mother wanted her oldest daughter to get married first, and have Tita being the third daughter has to stay and take care of her. It shows how marriage was imposed on those times, and how a love between two people can change everything. This picture set a new epoch in Mexican movies all over the world and it shows how important it is to cook with, LOVE.

4. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)
Tomas is a doctor and a lady-killer in 1960s Czechoslovakia, an apolitical man who is struck with love for the bookish country girl Tereza; his more sophisticated sometime lover Sabina eventually accepts their relationship and the two women form an electric friendship. The three are caught up in the events of the Prague Spring (1968), until the Soviet tanks crush the non-violent rebels; their illusions are shattered and their lives change forever.

5. A Very Long Engagement (2004)
Five desperate French soldiers during The Battle of the Somme shoot themselves, either by accident or with purpose, in order to be invalidated back home. Having been "caught" a court-martial convenes and determines punishment to be banishment to No Man's Land with the objective of having the Germans finish them off. In the process of telling this tale each man's life is briefly explored along with their next of kin as Methilde, fiancée to one of the men, tries to determine the circumstances of her lover's death. This task is not made any easier for her due to her rigid legs caused by polio as a child. Along the way she discovers the heights and depths of the human soul.

6. La Vie En Rose (2007)
An un-chronological look at the life of the Little Sparrow, Édith Piaf (1915-1963). Her mother is an alcoholic street singer, her father a circus performer, her paternal grandmother a madam. During childhood she lives with each of them. At 20, she's a street singer discovered by a club owner who's soon murdered, coached by a musician who brings her to concert halls, and then quickly famous. Constant companions are alcohol and heartache. The tragedies of her love affair with Marcel Cerdan and the death of her only child belie the words of one of her signature songs, "Non, je ne regrette rien." The back and forth nature of the narrative suggests the patterns of memory and association.

7. Babette's Feast (1987)
In 19th century Denmark, two adult sisters live in an isolated village with their father, who is the honored pastor of a small Protestant church that is almost a sect unto itself. Although they each are presented with a real opportunity to leave the village, the sisters choose to stay with their father, to serve to him and their church. After some years, a French woman refugee, Babette, arrives at their door, begs them to take her in, and commits herself to work for them as maid/housekeeper/cook. Sometime after their father dies, the sisters decide to hold a dinner to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth. Babette experiences unexpected good fortune and implores the sisters to allow her to take charge of the preparation of the meal. Although they are secretly concerned about what Babette, a Catholic and a foreigner, might do, the sisters allow her to go ahead. Babette then prepares...

8. Life Is Beautiful (1997)
In 1930s Italy, a carefree Jewish book keeper named Guido starts a fairy tale life by courting and marrying a lovely woman from a nearby city. Guido and his wife have a son and live happily together until the occupation of Italy by German forces. In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp, Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize for winning is a tank.

9. Ponette (1996)
An extremely captivating movie on how a little girl copes with her mother's death. She withdraws from all the people around her, waiting for her mother to come back. She tries waiting, and when her mother still doesn't appear, tries magic chants, praying to God, and then becoming a child of God, to have some power over Him. All to no avail. But then, when she is in despair, her mother does come back ...

10. Yesterday (2004)
A woman's journey. In a Zulu village, Yesterday is a cheerful mother with an inquisitive five-year-old child, Beauty. Yesterday has a persistent cough, and after several attempts to see the doctor at a regional clinic, she gets a diagnosis. She goes immediately to Jo'burg, where her husband is a miner. Then she must deal with consequences. Her singular motivation is to see that Beauty enrolls in school the next fall. The film begins and ends with Yesterday walking on a road.


  1. Very good article, yes.. I never know about this movies.. now maybe I can start to find it... but the problem is its might be hard to find the movies in the local shops/stalls right?

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  3. I'll try to catch them all! Love to watch good movie!