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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whats Wrong With People??!!!!?

sifu and tongga the movie, L-R, Nabil, Azwan Ali & Saiful Apek

Yesterday i tried typing in my name on the search bar just to find out what will come out, then i came across this blog about Malaysian Artist (forgot what is the address). It is nice with pictures attached to each story and then people commenting on it. Lots and lots of people. Then i saw this picture. Its the picture taken from the movie called Sifu and Tongga played by Saiful Apek and Nabil (the winner of reality show Raja Lawak).
I am appalled at all the comments from the viewer. Some are really nasty. there's one guy say that Azwan Ali should feel ashamed of himself, and his parents are doomed to have him as a son. I were thinking, what the hell. It just a picture. and he is just acting in it. I know that a picture worth a thousand words, but come to think of it, you can't just judging people by their picture. Worst, picture that is from a movie! but people gonna be people. They say their mind without thinking of what others may review on the saying. Whatever it is, if i am Azwan, rather than taking it negatively, i will feel proud of what a good actor I am. and its true only then, that a picture worth a THOUSAND words.

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