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Friday, March 26, 2010

+ How to tell; when a man is lazy. +

How to tell; when a man is lazy.
1. They drag their feet when they walk
2. The couch turn into SUPER COUCH that do wonders as dining place, sleeping area, drinking zone, game parlor etc etc etc
3. They become obsess of their wardrobe, appreciating it more than ever (using underwear more than once, T-Shirt is IN and appropriate for all occasion and all jeans are seasoned.)
4. Or when they don't utilize their energy
What I meant by NOT UTILIZING THE ENERGY is when they don't exercise. Every time we consume something (food and water); it creates energy in our body. And these energy when wasted, will slow down the whole body systems and create symptom called LAZINESS (in Wikipedia it is also called INDOLENCE, means a lack of desire to expand effort). Laziness can be defined as disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is often used as a pejorative. But don't take it lightly as chronic laziness may be an underlying psychological condition. Feelings of laziness may be a symptom of major depressive disorder or fatigue.
Let’s take an example;
Men, who are lazy, are usually too comfortable in their relationships. They have worn themselves out in their attempt to ‘get you.’ They probably feel they have ‘done their bit’ at the onset of a relationship, and will happily sit back and bathe in the emotional nurturing that you are giving them. What do they expect in a relationship?
They expect you to do stuff for them (cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning, etc.)
They expect an easy life
They do not expect to work hard outside their professional working life
They have been spoilt by someone (mother, previous partner) and expect the same ‘coddling’ from you
Men expect to stay as they are and are not prepared change their ways
They expect you to be grateful you have them
They want their own way
They want to control the household from the armchair
They expect, and believe, they have power (the power you give them)
They are masters at supervising you
They are masters at giving orders
They make you feel inferior if you can’t manage to do it all
They want you to cater to their every need
They do not expect to be challenged by you
Why all these situations is continuing, it is because we woman always let them be. We always believe that we can change man, that if we show them love, they will realize their fault and change to a better partner. But dream on, men are too technical too understand that. So, instead of just keeping quiet and hoping or maybe nagging and fighting, we should show them the way. And it is important that in showing them the way, we do it together with them. We got nothing to lose, its sharing, companions and they CHANGE. For example, if you realize that after some time living together, your man grow in size and stick to the couch 24/7, ask them for a walk together, or go out for salsa or gym session!
And for man, just remember that nobody wants to marry a slob, even desperate. And laziness can lead to poverty. I am not sexist, maybe a bit feminist, but give me a break guys, don’t you feel lousy? Try CHANGE. It’s a new way of life.

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