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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Typical Malaysians

Cutting lanes when we're driving.  Mouthing off at other drivers.  Burping durian breath. Keeping our handphones on at the movies and worse, talking really loudly on it.  There's a lot to gripe about when we talk about Malaysians and their bad habits but there's much to make us smile.  Packing a bottle of sambal belacan or bring along some cup noodles every time we go overseas, because foreign fare is unbearably bland.  Recognizing a fellow Malaysian far away from home when we can hear sentences finishing with a "lah".  Bickering among ourselves but sticking up for each other when outsiders criticize us.  Best of all, laughing at ourselves.  In this land where we've lived freely for 53 years, we can all celebrate our Malaysian-ness, because deep down inside, we're all the same.

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