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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Careless Whisper (Poootttt)

what is this smell?!!!?

Train from KL Central to Subang Jaya this evening was really crowded, i was shoved inside by some mindless guy and we are so crammed i cant even move my nose! I find it so difficult to breathe because the girl in front of me standing so close and every time i inhaled, her hair drew in my mouth! As i trying hard to move my hand so i can take out all hairs in my mouth, suddenly the Big Hair Girl shouted, "what the f***!, who dare farting at this time?!!!? ", and the minute after, the smells start spreading. I am green! It smells like rotten eggs mixed with dead fish. And since I cant move my hand, now I have to inhaled the smells and the hair altogether! What a day...

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