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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashion That We Love but Men Hate

I read in yahoo today about few fashion statement that we women love but it's a turn off for men. I have few says on it to share with you guys.

1. Ugg Boots

I saw these in one of shoe store in Sunway Pyramid, I think it's cute. If we have winter here in Malaysia, I'll definitely wear these. I can understand why men hate it though, it looks like one of the boots the construction worker will wear, or probably children. Definitely not sexy but it's CUTE!

2. Over sized Sunglasses

This is my biggest crime, I cant live without big sunnies. I like the facts that they can make woman look sexy especially if you choose the one that is perfect for your face shape. I feel like, it make me mysterious and people cant tell whether I am flirting or I am just sleeping. But I agree that most guys don't like it, few of my friends (guys) told me it make me look like a grasshopper. 

3. Jumpsuits
I love Jumpsuits. You can wear it formally and casually. And with jumpsuit, you don't have to worry about matching your tops with your pants. I don't understand why man don't like it. Its practical and trendy. However, one of my friend which is a girl also kind of dislike jumpsuit, she said it makes woman look like a maid! Totally ridiculous.

4. Red Lipstick

Really? It never occurred to me that guys don't like red lipstick. For me red lipstick is totally a sexual things. I don't really wear it because it screams daring and power of women. It takes courage to wear red lipstick. Overdoing it make you look cheap. However, I do wear it for certain special occasion. I like the facts that it make me feel sexy and make my teeth appear whiter.

5. Harem Pants
I remember the days that Harem Pants used to be big. MC Hammer is the father of Harem Pants. As a matter of fact, I own Harem Pants. Only wear it once though because my boyfriend totally hate it. He said I look like a granny! What a shame because Harem Pants totally comfortable. I love it, really! It has this funky and folk look to it. What a shame..

6. Socks with sandal
I never wear those. But I think if you really know how to pull it off, it definitely look trendy. What do you think?

Here are few more trends that I fond off, do you think it is sexy or no-no.

bubble skirt

thick rimmed glasses

Big Crazy Hairband


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  2. Erm... I guess I'm more of a guy then. XD The things that I really like, are the thick rimmed glasses and the huge sunglasses.