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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nuffnang - BIAS ????!!!!

I love Nuffnang, really! It makes blogging interesting. I know lots of blogger through it. Wonderful, young and talented bloggers. But lately I feel disappointed on how Nuffnang justified bloggers. I am not talking about how they manage the advertisement in our blog. It's great, fair and square. No complaint about it. But on how they justified bloggers on contest i.e movie tickets give away.
I normally don't complain about things. And for this small contest,  it's petty for me. But I do feel that some of the bloggers, especially students they deserve some recognition. I see that Nuffnang have favors for certain bloggers. They get movie tickets over and over again. (You can see on Innit, some people updated that they get movie screening few times in a row). I did also send few (more than 5) entry for those contest, and as you can see I never got one.
Maybe some people will say, this is word of jealousy. But honestly, I am not. I am not talking about myself but for all my other blogger friends. We all support Nuffnang, Nuffnang is in that level now because of each and every single blogger that register with them. Don't you think that it's fair to give a small credit to all of us? Think about it. I know Nuffnang started to give movie tickets for birthday, I will see into that. Lets hope Nuffnang keep their words. Or maybe it just for certain people???



  1. ha ha really i am not talking about me

  2. You'll get the tickets sooner or later if you continue trying..As for me, I'll never get them even if I try for 10 years =_=" Cus i'm not even in KL.

  3. i never get anything other than money. :)